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The community of Sheely Farms is located right in Phoenix, Arizona, allowing residents to take advantage of many aweseome amenities that Phoenix has to offer. Museums, theaters, professional sports, a vibrant nightlife, tons of restaurants, and excellent shopping are just a few things to enjoy. Great schools, medical centers, libraries, and lush parks are in close proximity of the community. If you love to play golf, you will be pleased with how many well maintained courses are available to play at. Nearby mountains, canyons, and desert provide a gorgeous backdrop and view. The surrounding deserts and mountains also make for great hiking and biking adventures . Many nature parks and trails are located just minutes away and allow for a great escape. Awesome sunsets over mountains can be viewed in the evening. Homes are gorgeous and spacious and come in many styles. Residents enjoy an average of 330 days a year of great sunny weather, truly making this a great community to call home.

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